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firefox freezes log jam due to high RAM use – Firefox may use too many RAM resources considering your program's extensions. Thusly, have a go at devastating the unnecessary growthes to check in the case of doing so fixes the issue.
Firefox isn't responding and it keeps setting and hammering – It is possible that particular structure courses of action are causing issues with your program.firefox freezing You can try pushing Firefox through Safe Mode to understand the issue.

Method 1: Disabling Unnecessary Add-Ons

The realities affirm that extra things can improve the value of Mozilla Firefox. In any case, they can similarly make the program crash. A couple of customers fussed that they encountered the issue after they had presented FlashGet. Do observe that for all intents and purposes any kind of extra can cause issues on firefox freezes. Along these lines, it is major to perceive the additional you presented before experiencing issues with your program.

To weaken extra things on firefox freezes, you need to hold fast to the headings underneath:
Dispatch Firefox, by then snap the Menu button at the upper right corner of the program. It should look like three level lines more than each other.

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